Fall Obsessions

Well hello. Accidentally been MIA for the past month or two doing important fun things like macroeconomic analysis homework and finding an internship. But I’m back! Fashion month is coming to a close and tbh I always feel like all of my friends are hanging out without me during it and then I realize that Danielle Bernstein and Olivia Culpo aren’t actually my friends. Perhaps I’ll do a post on my fav fashion week trends (pastel and fringes anyone? but please don’t talk to me about Balenciaga’s Crocs) but for now I’m posting about my current fall obsessions and everything I want to buy immediately. Check it out below!

Plaid Blazer

This is literally everywhere this season and an absolute must have. I love it paired with an all black look, a strappy crop top, or just a plain white tee and jean shorts. It’s perfect to dress up or down and actually I’ve already bought this one from Target so I predict it will be worn a lot this fall.





Pink Beret

Full disclosure- I would love to rock this look but I know that if I actually bought a pink beret I would never wear it. It’s so cute though!! Definitely wish I could pull off hats and I’d be wearing this all the time pretending like I’m in Paris and eating croissants (my life goal).





Belted Trousers

Danielle Bernstein can do no wrong and this look is perfect. I’m completely obsessed with these pants from Topshop and love them paired with a crop top and pointed toe shoes. Throw on some statement earrings and you’ve got yourself a look.





Leather Ankle Boots

Last but not least, these boots are amazing. Seriously, they upgrade any jeans and sweater look and make it 10 times better. They’re the perfect mix between classic and edgy and I really need them. Brb going shopping now.






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