Tips To Keep Your Foundation Looking Flawless All Day

My biggest frustration with makeup is spending time applying it and having it look good for only an hour or two before it starts to look cakey and unnatural. No matter how much money you spend on primer, foundation, or brushes, the application process is the key to your makeup staying fresh all day. Read on for tips on how to achieve a natural makeup look that will last all day.


Using a primer before applying foundation will definitely make it last longer. An actual primer should be used for special occasions, but for everyday makeup a moisturizer is sufficient to achieve a clean surface on which to apply your foundation. If you do use both, apply the moisturizer first and then the primer on top.


After you apply moisturizer, wait about 5 minutes to let it set. If you put primer or foundation over the moisturizer before it’s dry your makeup will not look as smooth later on.

Mix it

If you’re applying moisturizer and BB cream for everyday makeup, you can apply both at the same time. Put your lotion and BB cream on the back of your hand and mix them together, then apply them as one. This makes the makeup look lighter and more natural and will also save you time.

Use your hands

You really don’t need to spend tons of money on makeup brushes to get the perfect finish. Using your hands can actually be better for your makeup application most of the time. Before applying foundation or BB cream, squeeze it onto the back of your hand and let it warm up. Then, dot it onto your face, rub it in with your hands, and finish it off with a damp Beauty Blender to ensure that you get an even coverage that looks natural. Using your hands to apply it instead of using a brush first makes it warmer and easier to blend in to your skin. Use your ring finger to blend in any concealer as well for a natural-looking application.

The right amount

Using too much foundation will definitely make your face look cakey during the day. Always use the minimum amount needed to cover your face (plus, this stuff is expensive so no one wants to waste it anyways). The minimum is usually less than you would think, too. If using foundation, two pumps should be sufficient, then add a little bit more for spot coverage.

Use a tissue

Even if you use the minimum amount of makeup, you’ll probably still have extra foundation left over. My favorite tip is to wrap a tissue around your three middle fingers and blot it across your face to pick up any excess makeup so that it doesn’t cake later in the day.

Let me know if you’ve tried these tips and if they’ve worked for you, or if you have any more to share!

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